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Evil morty is the only thing getting me through until season 2

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playing around with stuff

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Please excuse the make a gif thing, I was too lazy to try and set up OBS to record my screen today.

this is me trying to animate a walking cycle

thank goodness for that sai animation tool or else I would no idea what the hell I was doing

I don’t normally post LPs, but when I do it’s of a good LPer playing a really rad game people should see.

But no really Tormentum looks super sexy, and this is just the demo.

The art is breathtaking, and it looks like it’ll be a pretty solid adventure game.

Check out their indiegogo if you wanna see what it is all about:


[also fuck year they got funded]

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lined and shaded this stuff. i forget how much i love line art :OO


Fukai Kuni

belladonna of sadness

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Death and the Maiden (1900), Marianne Stokes

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I’m doing a thing look out everyone

Catching people staring at you in public


2 more promos for my original game: OMORI

(yeah the first one’s a MOTHER tribute)

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i’ve wanted to do this for 253453094 years