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So I found this minecraft-like game called cubic castles, and it’s actually pretty rad [it’s also f2p too]. This is a screen shot of the relm I’m building atm [it’s dungeon keeper themed :3].

I’m CoorSoft on their, so if you wanna add me go for it, just tell me your from the tumbles.


Sketches for Node World

I wanted to make a little gift for ask-opposite-gender-trager, so I made an icon thingy.

Hope they like it!


Juan Giménez is one of my favorite artists. His illustrations are a pleasure to look at, and if you have time, please, read “The Metabarons”  a treasure of sci-fi comic. (*)

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Xenomorph Prototype by H.R. Giger, 1978

heart of madness


Ever want to hear me sing in japanese and fuck it up hard? Me covering a old fist of the north star song, enjoy.

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